I’m Clara-Emily McKay, I’m a craft maker and photographer working and living in Melbourne, Australia.

As a Fine Arts graduate I work primarily in needlework and 35mm photography and tend to focus on the inherent separateness of being female and consider how prose can absorb and refract daydreams.

As a maker I produce hand knitted and macrame knotted neckpieces for my label R&t (Rough and tumble).

Here I will share with you my current projects, everyday findings, musings and things that I find generally intriguing.

Enjoy and feel free to contact me for a chat!


Me elsewhere:





4 responses to “About

  1. Hello!
    Just found your site via my pal Elizabeth (going to see her work in Brunswick St Gallery today, exciting!). Your work looks beautiful, good luck with the end of year flurry!

    • Hi Amy, thank-you, I was hoping to get to the 405 Finch St night, I’m also a peer of Abbie Matthews, but alas was working (of course), hopefully I’ll be able to your next event, Finch st looked awesome! xxxx

  2. Martin

    Hello there,
    Glad you enjoyed our pink booze today – there’s plenty more where it came from! Very pretty site you have here.
    – Martin

  3. Why thank-you Martin, it made for a lovely afternoon and thanks for dropping by! xxx

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