With two solid weeks of eating out ahead of us there really is no excuse to not cook. Since having some more free time I’ve been embarking on cooking things that I hadn’t before these include: slow roasted lamb shoulder, beef shin slow cooked in ginger, chinese style pork ribs, roasted chicken stuffed with butter, thyme and lemons, doughnuts, home-making pizza dough, jams including plum and star anise, lime and peach, strawberry, plum and orange, baked beans, green tea ice cream, sugo, flat breads, tzatziki, spiced lamb burgers, spice poached and caramelised pears for custard tarts, apple tart tartin, strawberry crumbles, stout cakes, fudge cakes, white chocolate cakes, weekly banana bread, soba noodle salads, yakitori and various pastas including carbonara, pumpkin sage and blue cheese, pine nut currant and brocollini and so much more that I can’t think of – I feel like I’ve come along way!

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