I am DYING for this. I will actually buy it for myself for my birthday if no one else does!

There’s been a little less photographing and blogging of late over here – I have 3 rolls of film anxiously awaiting development and I promise they will be up for perusing shortly!

But some things of late:

I’ve a new workplace habitat, the lovely Lowlands which you can peruse here.

Keiko‘s been enjoying being an indoor cat and gazing at next door’s chickens for the majority of his days.

I was mentioned on Broadsheet  for this and (being the awful blogger that I am) forgot to take photos at the launch!

This was a fantastic day – congratulations beloved one.

And I had a wonderful time here!

I can safely say one of the best moments of the year was a swift piggyback orchestrated by Nick to buy some strawberry beer and I’m hoping that another of Nick’s piggybacks let’s say in Florence (yes we’re travelling) will make the best moments of 2012.

Lots of Christmas baking and making to be done – enjoy spending time with you loved ones these holidays and I’ll see you on the other side!



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