After an amazing, successful and fun day at Craft Hatch on Saturday (post coming soon) I was feeling pretty happy with myself and my product and had decided on some new avenues to travel along with it.

This evening I received a text from a friend telling me I’d better check a photo on Sans Pareil’s Facebook page – my new friend Robecca’s, upcycled vintage clothing page- the above image. As you can see, there is a badly attempted copy of one of my handknitted R&t necklaces, I’ve since been told that a mutual friend made it and it was being sold along with other unwanted pieces of jewelery at a market in I’m assuming Melbourne.

After being told at Craft Hatch by numerous people that my products were so creative and the way that I had decided to adapt French knitting was so original this act is really heartbreaking. Not to mention my intellectual property rights being stomped on and subsequently publicized by my so-called friends but to know come to terms with the fact that I’m being labelled the person in the wrong by getting upset about it is just too much.

I know that we create things within the craft industry with the knowledge that our ideas are in the public realm available for anyone’s grasp but it is an unspoken, accepted and usually strictly followed rule that you do not rip off one another’s ideas, especially not for a cheap buck at a market stall and especially not a friends’.

I have put a lot of thought, blood, sweat, time and money into my venture and I hope that I am not “completely insane” for having become upset over this. So please, beware of imitations.



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  1. you’re definitely not ‘completely insane’ for being upset! i’d be ready to punch on! how violating! especially from someone you consider a friend!

  2. Thanks Nicole, I know that other creative types understand.xx

  3. Oh dear petal! A stranger copying you for profit is already pretty low but a friend is so so far down the abyss! Hope you have had some serious words with her/him! xx

  4. Emmanuelle

    Dear Clara Emily, this is in fact thoroughly disgusting and I just can’t understand how this so-called “friend” had the nerve to try and sell her imitation of your work on a public market.

    But don’t worry, cheaters always loose more than they think, whereas the loving, genuine people are much stronger :o)


  5. Thank-you Ellyce and Emmanuelle, as disappointing and nauseating as it is – I have enough confidence in my product and efforts to move on to greater and greener pastures, this is merely a hurdle that often arises in the Craft industry, although, it definitely was a pity that this act was completed by people who I assumed were my friends.
    In the future I will be a little less lax with talking about my designs and processes, refuse to take the bait and never ignore my intuition about people for the sake of being sociable.
    Lesson learnt! xxxx

  6. martha's foolish ginger

    oh please, fashion goes round in circles darling… these necklaces are not something that you invented, do a google search… look at it as flattery and move on and create another design, perhaps knit a muzzle xxx

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