For eating

Burgeoning from general life exhaustion I’ve decided to embark on a food journey.

Sick of always being in Melbourne and so rarely getting to experience all of the amazing things that are going on around me I’m giving myself a challenge – and you will be my witness.

I will make a list, an eating list.

And I will save my money for eating out at a different not-yet-experienced restaurant each month (I am a student, each month is barely feasible, but I’m going to make it happen – even if that means substituting a week of processed cheese and tomato on toast for one plate of delectable goodness).

Feel free to comment with any suggested additions!

Here is the list so far (So many places that I’ve been talking about going to over the last year):

Boire – the brainchild of Catherine Chauchat.

Spice Temple


Josie Bones

Izakaya Den

Ginger Boy

Cafe Di Stasio 

I’ve lived literally a stones throw from this iconic Melbourne eatery for three years and have never made it past the threshold – and yes, that is a Henson print in their dining room.

Cutler & co.



Golden Fields

I believe this will be the first to be checked off of the list – affordable and within 30 paces from my apartment- too easy!

Ps – that’s a pretty beautiful website!

Cumulus Inc. 


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