Cat and cat mint

Keiko is so big now! Not that I’m complaining – I don’t have to as worry as much that I’ll squish him in bed whilst sleeping now! And I am kind of looking forward to cuddling a big cat although Saturday morning bath time will become slightly more problematic!

So today is the last day of Summer – not that we got much sunshine here in Melbourne, lots of rain, flooding and a current cold snap. That means back to uni tomorrow starting my Diploma of Education so that I will be able to teach Art to high school kids! Ah! I feel like I was a high school kid not too long ago.. Either way I’ll look forward to coming home to find that odd looking bump under the quilt one warm and waiting kitty for me (how do they get under there anyway?)

I’m also working on a new and rather exciting project so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!


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