A year ago yesterday

I had my infamous “skewerage” incident, I can’t believe that I passed through this milestone without a glass of prosecco at least.

The incident involved my also infamous rushing around after finishing a knitted gift for Karl’s dads’ bday, I left my longest 6mm knitting needles on my couch grabbed a needle to sew in my ends and jumped back on the couch. Bad choice of actions.

I essentially stabbed myself through the lower back with my knitting needle that was wedged between the couch cushions, it went through at about 25ish cm and thank god it was a metal one. After pulling the damn thing out myself (your absolute most intense desire in these situation is “get this thing out of me!”) I went to the hospital and proceeded with hours of scans and more needles!

I was kind of famous at the Alfred hospital that night I wonder how long I was the talk of the emergency ward for? It was about 75% likely that I’d have to have surgery, would have a colostomy bag for the rest of my life and even more worrying it could have possibly punctured my spleen.

Luckily enough, for whatever reason none of the above occurred. For that I am forever grateful.

I just thought I’d take this opportunity to warn everyone that craft is DANGEROUS! And yes I do still love knitting and this should absolutely not be a deterrent!

(ImageUntitled, from the series of “Cui Cui”, 2005 Rinko Kauwauchi)

Read more: Rinko Kawauchi – Photographer – the Fashion Spot http://forums.thefashionspot.com/f81/rinko-kawauchi-photographer-68205.html#ixzz1EmajxmUa



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2 responses to “A year ago yesterday

  1. oh my GOD. that is so intense. i’m so glad you’re okay!!! i’ll be careful. luckily i’m too lazy for such thin needles & always use 15mm. but still… i’ll be careful.

  2. Yeah you definitely would NOT want a 15mm needle through the tummy! Ouch! But yeah it’s a great story hey?! xxx

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