Wedded Bliss

After visiting a friends reception venue last week I’ve been brainstorming all things wedding – although I can’t see it happening for myself in the next 75 years or so it’s nice to think about dream weddings. Mine would definitely involve nautical rope macrame hanging baskets spilling with hydrangeas, nigella and blackberries, fresh floral hairpins and bands, vintage lace dresses, collections of glass jars and bottles for both vase and lantern, linen buntings and canopies of branches.

But talking in the here and now I have been doing alot of the aforementioned macrame thanks to mum, have picked up the skill that is knitting fair isle and in the past week my apartment has flooded and my car has blown up! Today I also made a pretty awesome caramelized apple buttercake with a caramel apple sauce – I’m beginning to make cakes that involve alot of saucepan action, delicious nonetheless.

Photos from Sprouted Kitchen/Little Flower School/ Once Wed



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2 responses to “Wedded Bliss

  1. Rin Lincolne

    This sounds exactly like what my wedding is going to be. I have my dress, and we nearly have the venue! Two down, ten billion to go. Too many ideas and not enough spare time. Yikes.
    Blog’s looking cute lady.


  2. Thanks Rin, what’s the dress like? I’m loving vintage lace wedding dresses at the moment let me know if there’s anything I can do to help! xx

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