A luncheon in Healesville

This week for once Anna and I actually took advantage of our days off and headed out of town to Healesville. Following a trip to Wombat Creek we headed to Giant Steps/Innocent Bystander for a luncheon.

It’s quite a special place. A winery, restaurant and bakery offering some of the most delicious moscato you will try, bistro foods, pastries, the most edible smelling hand balm ever (musk goodness) and even moscato sorbet. Quite some time ago my dad was playing bass in a jazz band here on Wednesday nights – that’s how I found the eatery, although it is very well known and slightly unavoidable visually if you’re heading out of the town on the Maroondah Highway.

Unfortunately I did underestimate the lack of light as the afternoon sun shrunk away you’ll just have to trust me that the food is much more colourful! We started with some sparkling and the moscato (I know before, during and after dinner I sin, I sin) some truffle oil and parmesan frites which I have to admit were not what I was expecting and the lamb schawarma which sat atop a generous pool of hommus, an unpronouncable dish that was absolutely delicious!

Also, it was (I shouldn’t say refreshing that’s just too unkind) comforting to be looked after by such a competent and knowledgeable waiter coming from a hospo background Anna and I can be hard nuts to crack in this respect. Oh and as mentioned he was rather aesthetically pleasing which doesn’t hurt either now does it?

Our mains choices were fairly unadventurous being the pumpkin and sage pizza and the caprese salad, sage is such a pet love of mine at the moment and although we were unable to finish it (the pre-dinner undeniable sourdough with Murray River salt flakes and olive oil did wreck havoc on our stomach space) it proved scrumptious. The tiny black russian tomatoes also made the caprese salad and although I was rather disappointed with the lack of the ridiculously flavoursome duck salad that I had previously eaten on the menu all in all we left with sourdough and moscato in our musk scented hands with full and happy bellies! One must check it out!


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