A broome crescent Christmas

Firstly, let’s talk about presents top: the beauuutifull Anna whom I’m missing very much gifted me with this gorgeous bird bath (or seed bath as I’m using it), gorgeous wrought iron garden scissors and garden yarn (which will feature in a later post), 2: my gift to The Commoner, thistle cross stitch, this year I made gifttags using my photographs and dutch gold, 3 & 4: pre-iron, hand-embroidered handkerchiefs for my stepdad (he likes sharks), 5: no this is not an immaculate baked good of my making, these are doggy donuts for Dixie Bambini, bought from Puppy Phat along with a big fat wombat cuddle toy!

The first thing that Dixie and I did when we got to mum’s place, at Wonthaggi (near Phillip Island), was get onto the paper chain and on Christmas morning we began a new tradition -Pancakes!

I was the Christmas cook this year (and also the table setter if you hadn’t already noticed the crazy floral clashings) ours was definitely a non-traditional dinner, with salads including apple, pinenut and beets and an adaptation of a friend Krissy’s recipe – shredded roast chicken, egg mayo, celery, grapes, dill and sumac, we had honey roasted carrots, lemon and garlic roasted asparagus, rosemary potatoes, onion marmalade and meats with all of the trimmings, followed closely by mince tarts and a torn plum and sour cherry teacake with runny cream and fresh cherries.

It was kind of exhausting but only a once a year effort, so I’m definitely looking forward to next years!

And saving the best for last- the boys – Chris and Tom with their mini-Chewbacca and mini-thing from the black lagoon at least I know where to look for gifts again next year! Happy holidays readers!


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