Stray Cats & Fast Clocks

There’s not a lot of new occurring around here, apart from a sweet little kitty that happens to be asleep atop the crocheted blanket on my balcony’s rocking chair whenever I get home. I’ve nicknamed him Charlie (from the West Wing) and will be sadly getting the pound/vet to check him for a microchip over the next few days. He’s quite traumatized, freaking out at quick movements and almost any noises. Although he does seem to enjoy Horse Feathers.

Otherwise, the garden is looking very green, with some jam jar tealight lanterns – idea stolen from here – awaiting a balmy night for use, the new kitchen invention that is peanut butter choc chip cookies and a replacement chain of hearts hanging basket!

I’ve also just had this purchased for me from Nova Scotia for my birthday from mum:

And I’m awaiting pay on Wednesday to order a custom one of these:

I’m itching to get to this:

I also got myself one of these today, note to self: stop going shopping post work.

I’m also looking forward to cooking Christmas dinner and photo taking galore.


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