Let Us Be Lovers: New Jersey Industrial Landscapes

Inari Kiuru

Knit Shoes

Laura Wade

All The Babies We Never Had

Isabel Holloway

Fresh! is THE graduate exhibition, on at Craft Victoria until Christmas Eve, showcasing emerging artists, crafters and makers from Victorian universities. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the opening, but I did get to the show late on a sunny afternoon last week.

The work that I believe was the real showstopper, was by Isabel Holloway, ceramic tiles, cast from used contraceptive pill packets line the rear wall of the exhibition space, spotlit by the afternoon sun whilst I was there. Although I do honestly believe that I will never have children (I really quite dislike them sausage dogs are much more tolerable) this work is extremely moving, considering femininity and not only the viewer’s own personal use of the pill but also the relationships often associated with the medication.

Months and months of pill packets are presented in an overwhelmingly silent white. Each pill pocket burst and crushed in a different way to reveal the geometric shapes of absence. It is the simple things in life that count and there is definitely a sense of beauty in simplicity, not only in the alabaster tones and minimal aesthetic deployed by Holloway but furthermore, the concept here is quite simple. Asking the viewer to consider their own relations with this medication and all of it’s various uses and implications. We do all take our fertility for granted and a simple step here has forced the viewer (with hue less poignancy) to re-interpret what it is to be female.

(Obviously, I am female, I’d be quite interested to hear a male’s perspective on this piece)

As mentioned above, Fresh! runs until the 25th of December – get to it!


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