Silk Skies

Dreamscapes of milky pastel hues, melted twilight and burnt orange fairy floss clouds, the bread and butter of daydreaming.


These silk scarves are the work of Maria Alexandra Vettese, for an exhibition at Come Darkness. Their impeccable transparency and lightweight, sheer material negotiates light to perform tricks on the eye, imagine wearing one of these babies with a black dress, hanging the sky about your shoulders.

They remind me of THAT dress, pined over for about a year by myself – and still in fact, it’s a pity digitally printed skyscapes don’t look so fantastic stretched over a size 14 arse! Oh well, one can still dream!



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2 responses to “Silk Skies

  1. chris williams

    check out christopher kane’s resort 2010 and resort 2011 collections, resort 2010 prints very similar to these and resort 2011 prints inspired by nebulae as seen through hubble telescope… amazing

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