Christmas Want(s)

It’s that time of year again, which for me also means another year older (sigh)

For the twentysomething grandma (ie. me)

Ikea FRIDO outdoor armchair

The most comfortable footwear ever made

The humble hydrangea, not so great for summer heat

but suitable for partly shading gardens, or courtyards!

Cross-stitch photo conversion software

Hanging baskets, you can never have too many!

Cute as pie totes or for those inclined craft bags!

Magazine subscriptions (might seem boring, but seriously, a gift that continues giving all the way to next Christmas!)

For her (the jewel monger):

Antler pendant

Better Late than Never

Cocobolo Crystal

Dani M designs (this will be mine!)

Totes from Fieldguided

Artist prints Amy Borrell here.

My love for handmade ceramics is quickly burgeoning

We all buy it so much nicer to find it in the letterbox!

For him:

Phone demobilizing kercheif

(i’m also going for hand embroidered nose wipers this year)

Always with the clothing.

The scratch off where you’ve been map!

Not all of them use it, some of them, a little too much.

Boys, boys, boys.

And for the elongated devil in the family:

Yep, this year I’m getting it!

Handmade softies never go a stray, although Puppy Phat do make more durable ones!

(Not my sausage)


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