Laura Splan

I’m terribly sorry for the lack of post yesterday! I’ve been enjoying my first few days of a proper uni obligation free holiday, and actually experiencing that thing that some of you call a “social life” – it’s awesome!

Anywho, as a way to repayment, here’s the work of Laura Splan, only one of the most thought-provoking and fascinating craft-based conceptual artists around!

The New York based artist works with unexpected materials in order to decipher and question the notion of femininity. Having previously studied Biological Sciences, Splan intertwines and juxtaposes familiar objects with unfamiliar viscera evoking the uncanny with silent swift.

Exploring the language of domesticity and crafts, Splan encourages the consideration of perceptions of beauty, horror and discomfort whilst simultaneously providing a relief within the familiar forms of her works. Deploying materials such as her own blood as ink and discarded facial peel the artist asks the viewer to re-evaluate their perception.

(She’s my favourite)

Dollies series 2004

Computer generated embroidery of microscopic imagery.




Wallpaper 2008, hand blocked traditional wallpaper, using artist’s own blood as ink.

Unravelled 2010, hand embroidery on cosmetic facial peel.


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