Orly Corgan

Lately, I’ve been thinking about where my embroidered works are going to travel to post-study, and although I’m greatly enjoying using other’s designs I have a urge to project my own intentions within my stitchings. I’ve been looking into stitch converter software, as recommended by mum, but at the moment saving for flights for a short summer holiday are the first priority. Browsing the internet for info on some artists I came across in back issues of Fiberarts magazine, I came across the work of Orly Corgan, and although our approaches are incomparable I find her concepts very intriguing.

Orly Corgan‘s stitchings on found and vintage fabrics strive to provoke questions within the viewer in regards to the feminine and the role of women within society. Her almost drawn, stitchings offer a collage of portraits coupled with hovering objects and traditional stitched patterns or framings. Working in what the artist considers to be the space between dichotomies and searching for the oddity in these grey areas for example “the Feminist Beauty Queen”, whilst allowing her own memories and experiences to inform the work.


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