Deon Robertson

Deon Robertson was a studio peer of mine over the past three years at UB, initially entering the course as a painter – large scale multi-media works (multi-media as in a love for incorporating bitumen, poured turps and anything tactile in his two dimensional works)

In the past years moving onto more figurative abstracted work with the use of bold line and blocks of solid colour, his protagonists often forming distorted shapes, with over exaggerated craniums topping tiny dwarfed bodies. An example of this period in his work can be viewed in this project:

In which Deon painted the bodices of the members of Ballarat local band The Howl, for promotional work, using the image the band won 2009’s Triple J’s Unearthed High School band.

In 2010, Deon’s focus was primarily on large scale digital photography and fast-moving, dark video or projection pieces coupled with his own produced soundtracks. I’m drawn to his close-up imagery of small creature corpses enveloped by tiny elements of the industrial environment, switches, broken globes, chains and smashed glass forms the eternally captured deathbed for these tiny souls within Deon’s images.

His video and projection works convey a more darker, pyschological turmoil that weaves and twists in the form of flashing light and pixelated colours awakening a though provoking and possibly disturbing experience. Deon is continuing with his studies at the University of Ballarat in 2011 and I hope to see more of his work on the broader scene soon!

Photographic works:

Film Stills:



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