EYE Exhibition

Last night marked the official end to any undergraduate obligations (par actually graduating) at the EYE exhibition at the Mining Exchange in Ballarat. I was running extremely late and unfortunately missed the announcements!

But here’s a big congratulations to Ken Kronberger who will now be spending 2011 at Oxford learning all things colour theory!

And also to Rachael Negri (yep, I picked it!) for winning the best three dimensional work over the entire Bachelor degree.

And lastly to myself (!) for being awarded the best two dimensional work over the entire Bachelor degree, which I can only assume was for my cross stitched Embossed Memoir (Pillow Stories) pieces, and although I feel a little guilty for shadowing a heap of really ridiculously talented painters and illustrators with my word spinning needle and thread, it still feels pretty awesome to be awarded for my year of psychodom!

That’s one for the crafters! And the extra $$$ not too shabby either! Unfortunately I was in such a rush I forgot my camera, so I’m going to be really self-obsessed and post some photos of the works that I exhibited as photographed during installation!

3 x Self : Fragment C Type Prints


Disintegration I & II

Disintegration II (in detail)

Disintegration II (in detail)

4x Embossed Memoir (Pillow Stories)


Ceiling Rose

Embossed Memoir (Pillow Stories)


Ceiling Rose (this piece would usually be suspended with the roses at the base,

although in this instance that was impossible!)

Ceiling Rose (in detail)

And just for the lols lets take a look at some of the work I was producing half a decade a go – for VCE  – (HALF A DECADE!) it’s fantastically juvenile!

Woman 2005

Check the title! Oh the angst!



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3 responses to “EYE Exhibition

  1. congratulations!

    ps. i totally remember those wire pieces from high school. i may have been in awe at your use and manipulation of the wire ha ha.

  2. Steph Wallace

    I would like to discuss with you the possibility of exhibiting in our exhibition space. Please get in touch for more details.

    Steph Wallace
    Red Brick Gallery

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