Julia Lohmann

Keeping within this week’s ceramic trend, here’s a look at German designer Julia Lohmann‘s work!

Through deploying and appropriating the organic Lohmann produces pieces that straddle the boundaries of art and design. Her Ruminant Bloom lampshades present the hues and textures of golden honeycomb, inherently organic they are made from dried and draped sheep and cow stomachs, directly associated her work with a strong conceptual ideal – to force the viewer or client to face and learn to love the often ignored by-products of their consumption.

Concerned with how desensitized we are in regards to our consumption her work provides a beautiful and aesthetically rich solution to this issue. Well known for her Cowbenches leather encompassed stools that were developed when the maker sourced a cows corpse and filled it with a concrete.

Ruminant Bloom lampshades 2004

Flock sheep stomach lighting, 2004

Tidal Ossuary, vessels made from silver, medical grade stainless steels and ceramics,

from cast animal bones.

Snow Whites, porcelain brooches made from cast frozen mice (above)

Cowbenches : Bovine Memento Mori

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