Rachael Negri

Rachael Negri is an Artist and Ceramicist, working amongst all things delicate, including porcelain, clouds and softly swallowed words.

Although, not technically a studio peer, I’ve gone through the UB Fine Arts Bachelor degree alongside Rachael over these past few years. We also worked together to organized and produce the graduating exhibition Visceral Exudations, a severe learning curve, it was a long and tedious process and despite some hiccups in the end we worked really well together as a team.

Her final 2010 portfolio is beyond impressive, I’ve been aware of a few kiln traumas and issues with short staffing or no staffing at UB that have affected all of us, and the work that she has produced despite these shortcomings  is an absolute feat.

Of course, I’m drawn to Rachael’s text based works and absolutely adore her porcelain drenched crocheted heaps, but I’ve recently become more and more intrigued by  her carved and illuminated works on porcelain; lithoplanes to be precise.

The subtlely of Rachael’s works is what I find most striking, like the artist herself they are reasonably quiet, yet, coupled with their anecdotal titles they evoke personal memories of cloud gazing, specifically for me, a childhood spent on a trampoline at the top of a farm’s hill.

Rachael will be continuing at UB in the Honours program in 2011, and to see more of her works and musings you can visit her blog!

Rachael’s work at Visceral Exudations

If You Leave Me Alone I Will Wander

Whilst We Spoke III

Whilst We Spoke IIII

One Ball of Wool

Cloud I

Cloud II

Cloud III

Kiss (in detail)



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