Little Theatre of Dolls

Raisa Veikkola and Frida Alvinzi are the creators of the Little Theatre of Dolls, producing puppets and their environments out of doll parts and found objects which not only convey their own stories but are completely immersed within a warm, pink hued, lavendar scented nostalgia (not that I’ve ever smelt them – just as guess!) The perfectly ‘dolled-up’ artists have performed for the Tate gallery, as part of the Travelling Art Circus in 2009, their vintage suitcase treasure troves gracing the front lawn.

The Scandinavian duo work in installations, live performances and feature numerous films of their work on their website. I love The Story Machine, is it just me or does that narrator sound a lot like Drop Dead Fred? Have a watch and a listen, maybe with a cup of tea, best way to finish a weekend – I’ll be starting the third flora cross stitch portrait – another surprise gift!



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