Nostalgic cleaning

I’ve just gone through and thrown out 2.5 years worth of visual diaries, omg, so many, so much crap, so repetitive!

Anyway, as I’ll be busy packing and culling my possessions for moving over the next few days (yup that’s right I got the apartment) therefore, I’m going to be posting a lot of little bits and pieces that will give a little insight into the last few years of my life, mostly 2008.

Our apartment blocks handyman was repainting my apartment today and adding in some new cupboards, it is so light and bright in there, I can’t wait to show you guys!

Anywho – in first year we had a class that I think was called Printmaking, but for some reason we had to complete a stencil component – I did the easy thing and stole images from Fashion magazines, go me, here they are!

Oh and good luck to everyone that is finishing up at uni right about now – break a leg – so that we can party and graffiti your cast all summer with sunflowers and peace signs 🙂


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