Thea Constantino

Thea Costantino, Untitled (from Diseased Estate), 2010, graphite on paper, 41 x 45 cm.

Thea Constantino is a graduating PhD student from Curtin University in Western Australia, she has previously produced work of theatrical scales, including the dark comic musical Heart of Gold in 2009.

And is currently showing her graduating work at the John Curtin gallery, Diseased Estate, an exhibition that provides an alternate history, one examined and portrayed through the prism of the grotesque. The show contains manipulated anonymous archival material and is accompanied by a fictional account of a 19th century museum custodian, opening up another element of interaction and interpretation. I love the idea of creating a fictional or distorted history, and accompanying the show with this text in order to ask the viewer to interact on a deeper level, possibly forcing them to consider which and what is truth.

Labelled ‘grotesque historiography’ as opposed to a created instance of the uncanny, the work unveils disguised threads in our histories and would therefore, encourage the audience to reconsider their own perceptions and truths.


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