Cast Iron Garden Furniture

I’ve applied for the apartment next door to mine, weird I know, and as much as I’d love to move North, I simply can’t afford the upfront rent etc., all of this years’ $$$ has been poured into my folio, and probably embroidery skeins. It has a courtyard, balcony, no storage which is just insane, but double french doors that 100% make up for the lack of cupboards.

If I get it I’ll be spending my summer working on the garden, hanging baskets and potted herbs are a must, and of course, some beautiful white cast iron furniture.

So, instead of doing the portfolio work/theory study that I should be doing, I’m dreaming of white antique benches, tea with lime marmalade on toast over blogging in the morning and spiked iced tea in the balmy evenings with friends and probably some baked goodness. Fingers crossed!


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