Desalination ?

On Tuesday, whilst down at my Mums place we took the doglet for a walk at the mouth of Powlett River.

The sight was less than sublime.

The desalination plant at Wonthaggi has seriously changed the aesthetic of the shoreline – I’m not an expert – but I’m quite sure that the damage isn’t only to the visual landscape.

While we were there, the shore was littered with what we suspected to be Sheerwater gulls (due to a tragic storm) any grey lumps that you can see in the following photographs are just that, the water was dark brown, the river looked like an oil slick, purple, blue and brown and the ocean was free of surfers, filled up with what looked like something out of Tank Girl.

We also found a dead (not very old/big) seal, since moving here for the majority of my life and had only ever seen one washed up seal corpse, that being around the coast at Inverloch, never this side of Cape Paterson, call it coincidence?

Be warned some may find a few of the following compositions disturbing.

Even Dixie knew that something was up.


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  1. This is my home , this is my sea

    Peter Garrett should be shot ” come on Ted Baillieu call a Royal Commission into Wonthaggi Desal Plant …

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