Lavandula Lavender Farm

I finally got to the Lavender farm last week, 10km north of Daylesford, here they grow all kinds of lavender for various potions and lotions including lavender lemonade (which I’ll admit, is more bitter than expected). While we were there the major lavender crop had actually been harvested, but that didn’t detract from the delightful British-esque or as close as Victoria is going to get, landscape.

Unfortunately I ran out of film before snapping our lunch, Karl had a less desirable bowl of osso bucco/bolognese tagliatelle, his Ma had a vegetable moussaka and I had an absolutely delicious lamb and vegetable pot pie, accompanied by a pretty uninspiring salad, we were much too full to attempt the lavender scones with lavender cream, but definitely next time! The dining area is under a gorgeous canopy of perfectly situated trees, I can recommend the pie and a book, hat and blanket.


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