Alicia Ross

Through deploying imagery found from porn on the internet and fashion magazines, Alicia Ross uses large scale cross stitch in her Motherboard series in order to bring into discussion the dichotomy of the ‘housewife’ or domestic woman and the sexual nature of the female.

I found her works whilst browsing MrXStitch, after my friend and studio peer Ellyce brought me to the attention of the site, Ross’ work being some of the more in depth pieces featured on the site. Her images act like alternative, slightly abstracted yet, hyper real images of the female form, and circumvent the idea that embroidery is a medium fashioned by elderly, floral and cashmere wearing prudes, this paradox also works to strengthen the work, as the viewer bounces to and from their inherent notions of cross stitch and the one before them. In a way they make me feel guilty about my desire to finish an entire daggy floral cross stitch pattern book.

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