Finders Keepers

This weekend was a one made of Melbourne markets – firstly, the first ever Melbourne Finders Keepers market, showcasing tonnes and tonnes of handmade crafts, jewelery and clothing.

I spent last Saturday spending way too much money there, and despite the half hazard location, it was a great and fruitful day, Sunday was spent trawling the Camberwell market, and at the moment, with my lease in St. Kilda running out quite soon, I’ve been in a nesting mindset. Too much money spent at Ikea on Friday night (but I finally, after living in the same place for 2 years have a rubbish bin and a bedside lamp) and I spent a little amount on a cedar wood pigeon hole shelf, glory box with satin lining and brass details and a bloody delightful wooden rocking chair that DOES NOT fit in my current tiny apartment!

The gorgeous Anna with my gorgeous Mum … and my loot from the day ..

Hand crocheted fine singlet from the Lore Lore Knits stall

I finallllly bit the bullet and bought a Victoria Mason ring – a little teabag one! And received free “hello” sterling silver studs!

And this Awesome backpack, was not in fact bought at the market, but given to me by my Ma who knitted it on demand! Thanks Mum!



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3 responses to “Finders Keepers

  1. wasn’t it a glorious market? i really hope they do another.
    so jealous of your victoria mason ring! definitely need to get myself one of those, i was eyeing off the granny square one while i was there…

  2. Oh I know, I’ve been umming and ahhing over getting one for ages – the granny squares are fantastic – I assume she must’ve crocheted one with wire and cast it? Who knows! xx

  3. actually kirsty at crocheted it and then victoria cast it 😀

    i spend wayyyy too much time reading blogs ha ha.
    hope the next few weeks are easy and stress-free for you! then all done ha ha!

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