Visceral Exudations

Head on down to the Yarra Sculpture Space in Abbotsford, on Friday the 29th of October, for the opening of our undergraduate, student-run exhibition, Visceral Exudations from the final year of UB students.

I’ve helped quite a bit with the organization of this event, especially in editing the catalogue- so come and check it out- I’ll be exhibiting some second edition prints and possibly some other small surprises!

(Poster by Luci Everett)



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3 responses to “Visceral Exudations

  1. interesting name for an exhibition… from a science perspective it means something a little different…

  2. Hey Nicole – I know, I know – it was actually a bit of a pun!
    But the original title was “Our Insides Out” so this is just a more interesting way of saying that! Poo jokes aside! xx

  3. he he he, i figured it was coming from somewhere like that 😀 gave me a little giggle in any case.

    hope it goes fantastic!

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