Tim Burton @ ACMI

I finally got to the Tim Burton retrospective at ACMI this week, with my Dad actually, I’d never seen a show at ACMI and the dark basement seemed only fitting for the subject matter. It was for the most part mystical and imbued with an aching of childhood and all of those things inherent to it.

It was interesting and gratifying to see how Burton’s drawings and therefore, concepts had evolved, and that rough drawings are valid, on shitty paper, and obviously cut out and pasted over – it doesn’t make them any less works of art or little pieces of the beginnings of one at least.

My dad and I did sit through the entirety of Burton’s 80s Japanese (?) adaptation of the Grimm Brother’s Hansel and Gretel which was a little strenuous, and for the most part I just don’t have the stamina currently for a giant retrospective (they’re just getting bigger and bigger aren’t they?!) but it was definately worth seeing if not only for the tiny Zero clay models and numerous spherical clay molds conveying Jack Skellington‘s variously frightening expressions – not to mention the UV illuminated Oogie Boogey!

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