Julia DeVille’s: Night’s Plutonian Shore

I got to Julia DeVille’s latest show at the very end of it’s run- I almost missed it – this flu and general stress about uni and trying to organize things has just made me completely out of the loop, I didn’t even know that Biana Hester’s current show involved a real live horse! Bah!

Anyway, I got to it, although I was a little out of it, I generally just took it in as much as I was able! There are some new inclusions to her pieces, including crusted with minuscule gemstone eye sockets, a tendency to turn these taxidermist animals into small, silent vessels intended to carry unknown or unseen tiny individuals, via glomesh saddle or wheeled behind in a carriage also, and my favourite inclusion were the tiny gold and silver cast death lilly pins that seem to sprout from the fur covered backs, or soft bellies of the creatures.

One thing that I also love about DeVille’s work is the element of text within her work – for example using dictionary definitions with product lists etc., unfortunately on this occasion my foggy mind didn’t notice anything of the sort- but if you did let me know!

Furthermore, in the front room of South Yarra’s Sophie Gannon gallery, a small show of William Griffiths’ mechanical dioramas featuring taxidermist mice and what I assume to be lizard bones – do lizards even have bones? – encouraged viewer participation and induced childlike awe! It was brilliant and unfortunately I’m finding it quite hard to find anything on the maker online!

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