I just thought I’d drop a Hi, I’ve been rather absent and unfortunately will be for a little while – if I actually told you the number of words that I essentially wrote this past four days you wouldn’t believe me. The work keeps streaming in for a little while, but the organization of our group exhibition is coming along nicely – a night of sloe gin to look forward to!

The top image was the beginning of a gift for a very deserving friend, but it’s quite solid cotton and it’s unbelievably heavy, so I’m on the on the search for something nicer. And the bottom is a little throw that I picked up at an op shop today – it is soooo soft and perfect – and was really rather cheap, there are loads there, I assume of the ladies knits them, I think I might have to buy a few for future presents!


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One response to “Repetition

  1. that throw is kind of lovely.
    also crocheted. ripple or chevron pattern. my favourite 😀

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