Since beginning text based cross stitch in Semester One 2009, I’ve worked in many different formats – kitsch,  tiny scale with colour and images, producing whimisical pieces that conveyed prose that was initially simple and ‘cute’ but imbued darker connotations on closer inspection, moving on to mid scaled black on white minimalist text recalling sentences from my short stories..

And this year I’ve purposely written prose for the completion of a 2010 text based cross stitch series, navigating my way through freeform stitching and large scale, time consuming text, to the now simplified, large scaled, one count thick lettering, of the pattern ‘Grieg’ found in Iva Polanksy’s ‘Cross Stitch Calligraphy’ after much research and scrutiny. Coming to a colour palette that is as subtle and quiet as I hope is reflected in my photography.

This final format offers a way to force the viewer’s encounter with the work, implying embossed paper, another feminine craft, this format proves stressful with constant worry of markings or stains on the light cream coloured aida cloth, but I believe the finished result will be worth the sweat.


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