New stitchings

This is the final, decided upon font for my cross stitch prose series of 2010 – it’s come along way from my 2009 series, it’s alot bigger, a lot more refined, and delicate, and the prose is longer, and as opposed to segments of a story each embroidery contains prose separate and of it’s own. I’m going for an embossed look- in order to force the viewer to engage with the prose, focus on it – despite the lighting in my studio in the top photo, I’m hoping it’s not this dull in real life!

The above is a calico stitching, of some more of my prose, intended to be the centrepiece of the backside of my baby quilt – the prose is attempting to conjure childhood memories- or the feeling of fun and silly unreality that comes with childhood. I’m a little bit worried about the darkness of the thread showing through the back of the fabric when applied onto the light floral of the quilt, therefore I’ll most likely be backing it with a dark red beforehand.

I love stitching my handwriting – it’s something I’m quite proud of, it’s probably the only thing that I do which is neat and delicate as opposed to clumsy and rough – so hopefully it works out!


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