Bindi Cole – Sistagirls

Accompanying Kate Shaw’s Phosphorescent at Nellie Castan is the latest from award winning Indigenous artist Bindi Cole (who is especially awesome because she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Ballarat!) the featured work is a series of photographs that to an extent are quite reminiscent of exotic glossy fashion magazine shoots, conveying the culture of transgendered individuals in the Tiwi Islands of the Australian Northern Territory.

Although the subject matter wasn’t my kind of thing (I really wish it was and it’s artists like Bindi Cole and Destiny Deacon that make Indigenous art much more accessible and inclusive, for me anyway) these images are really quite striking, and the lighting conveyed within them, ranging from shadowy to fervently bright, speak so strongly about the richness of the Australian landscape which could also be said of the cultures depicted within the composition. I don’t feel as if I know enough to comment on the content of the images, but I did find the exhibition not only aesthetically inviting but also rather illuminating as I hadn’t realized that this was a significant part of this particular regions Indigenous culture and I’ve also read that the surrounding community holds a rather inclusive attitude towards this segment of society which I wish was reflected more in the city that I reside in!

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