Today at the design market, I fell in love, literally, with Vanderglas’ wears, pendants and purses made from human hair, knuckle busters with inset human teeth ‘gems’ and cast teeth gold studs, using these human elements is nothing new – I’ve used 100% Russian hairextentions in a neckpiece, my lovely friend Sharon has and is continuing to work on cross stitch using human hair, and another Melbourne jeweler and all round lovely woman, Tor Mathieson also uses human teeth in castings – but Vanderglas’ approach demonstrates such sophisticated restraint, producing minimalist, streamlined and above all CLASSIC pieces.

I guess that’s why people were literally crawling all over her stall to get a look – I’m officially putting my clog collection on hold to save for one or many of her pieces! The maker – Polly Van Der Glas also won the Craft Victoria Fresh! award in 2006!


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  1. gah i competely forgot markit was on!!
    i’m so annoyed at myself!

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